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George Rodger

What does it do to the human soul to feel like it always has to perfectly defend itself? #JunotDiaz #ViolentWhiteSupremacy (at Columbia | SIPA)

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On repeat.

Written and performed by Moses Sumney. Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Joshua Willing Halpern.

First piece of art on my walls. Sadly, it’s probably coming down in a couple months haha. Still, thanks surrogate padres @natedogbell & @ricaaj ✊

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This is the single best post I’ve ever seen. 

Parents need to teach their children these man tips.

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Dancing at the Savoy, NYC 1958 (photo by Dennis Stock)

Warpaint. I’m gonna miss you NY. (at Webster Hall New York City)

Nephew in the Outfield⚾️❤️ #growingpains

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Santiago de Cuba sunrise. 

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Watch “Pay it no Mind,” a documentary about trans activist & Stonewall Rebellion revolutionary Marsha P. Johnson, here.

With her final interview from 1992Pay It No Mind captures the legendary gay/human rights activist as she recounts her life at the forefront of The Stonewall Riots in the 1960s, the creation of S.T.A.R. (Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries) with Sylvia Rivera in the ’70s, and a New York City activist throughout the ’80s and early ’90s.

The film features interviews with Marsha, as well as in-depth interviews with gay activist Randy Wicker, former Cockettes performer Agosto Machado, author Michael MustoHot Peaches founder/performer, Jimmy Camicia, and Stonewall activists Bob KohlerDanny GarvinTommy Lanigan-Schmidt, and Martin Boyce.