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My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die! #manny (at River Side Park By The Hudson River.)

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Gettin emotional over a “Players Club” reference while I pack. #StrippersWisdom

Clockwise from top left: (1) Me being my future boss self at the head of city council (2) Best dome of your life (3) Ghostbuster’s staircase (4) Public Advocate Letitia James tellin off the segregated entrance luxury housing developers at a press conference in front of city hall (5) Reminder to the housing officials that ok’d the plan. Good day at the internship. (at New York City Hall)

CA LOVE ❤️#bae (at Yankee Stadium)

at Sky Room

Thank you to whoever invented NY summer rooftops #franz (at Sky Room)

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There’s a perfect new term for when white people “discover” cultural trends: Columbusing

These are some of the many things we have white people to thank for.

Well, kind of. While technically they didn’t “discover” them in the traditional sense of the word, white folks inarguably “Columbused” every single one of these treasures.

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Anonymous asked:
I'm Jewish and I'm quite conflicted about your messages. For one, you sort of lump all Jewish people as Israeli, which is not the case. (Not all Jewish people in ANY country feel the same about this issue) But, you ignore Israeli being harmed by groups like Hamas & legitimate concerns of Israeli people. That being said, I do NOT agree with what is occurring, but I don't see this problem as entirely one-sided as you seem to. This is a cyclical problem. I wish you more addressed it as so.


First, thanks for voicing your opinion. I don’t think I lumped all Jews in together when I said “The inability of Israel’s government and the Jews who support its actions to see the hypocrisy of what they’re doing is deafening” because not ALL Jews support the Israeli government, a point I thought was rather implicit in my phrasing. If it is not, then I’ll clarify now: I am aware that not all Jewish people align with the current actions taken by the government of Israel.

As for Hamas, I thoroughly disagree. As I have said before, there is a difference in violence and counter-violence. The former is oppressive, the latter is the retaliatory reaction to oppression and is absolutely vital to the liberation of a people’s ruthlessly subjugated. If Israel is really concerned with the so-called “terrorism” of Hamas, its most prudent action would be to immediately cease participating in the terrorizing of Palestinians. This is the nature of cyclical violence, but it is by no means equivalent when one party has the 4th largest military in the world and the backing of United States military might and the other has Soviet era rockets. 

To better understand Palestinian resistance, I offer the words of Jeff Sluka:

”The condemnation of liberation movements for resorting to violence or armed struggle is almost invariably superficial, hypocritical, judgmental, and unfair and tends strongly to represent another example of the generalized phenomenon of “blaming the victim.” The violence of the situation, the per-existing oppression suffered by those who eventually strike back, is conveniently ignored. The violence of the oppressed is a form of defensive counter-violence to the violence of conquest and oppression. In no armed national liberation movement I know of in history has this not been the case.”

— National Liberation Movements in Global Context

After decades of war on Palestinians and the occupation of their land, Israel has threaded through itself a clearly defined and widely accepted, yet often unarticulated, acceptance of violent oppression. It is, within the dissonance they abide, a fully rationalized phenomenon for its government, with full confidence of Israeli Zionists and the United States government, to carry out odious acts of state-sanctioned terrorism against Palestinians. Yet when those murdered, so clearly revealed in the scope of recent events, grow weary enough to fight against occupation, their counter-violence is totally fetishized, their humanity dehumanized. 

I can’t listen to the colonist’s narrative and take it seriously. 

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Stormy nights = time to practice eye-fucking techniques w/ Prince #PrivateJoy

Lazy Saturday with the baby daddy.

Today’s agenda #StatenIslandFerry (at New York Harbor)

"Rollin with the homiiies" #Clueless & in the park. (at River Side Park By The Hudson River.)

Fickle pickle bastards! First you beg me to come home, then you kamikaze yourselves off the table!!! And now you taunt me with your vinegary aroma! 💔 😭😭😭 #probablypreggers